March Match

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Match your gift today to help provide 450,000 meals to Utahns facing hunger!

March has come in like a lion, and so can you when your donation to Utah Food Bank is matched! For the entire month, a generous supporter from the St. George area is matching gifts made to Utah Food Bank – up to $100,000. With our ability to stretch each $1 into $8.71 worth of goods & services, imagine the impact your gift could have while we have a donation match available! A donation of $50 during March will provide 450 meals for the 1 in 7 children and 410,000 Utahns who face hunger.

This match comes at a crucial time as holiday donations start to dwindle, and just in time for our most critical time of need, summer.

If you’ve been to a grocery store lately, you know that prices have been increasing dramatically. The pandemic, along with supply chain and labor shortages, continues to linger, creating even greater strain for families here in Utah, many of whom were already having difficulty finding room for food in their budget. As our President and CEO, Ginette Bott, explains, “We’re seeing budgetary issues impact more families because the price of groceries is going up so quickly and, on some items, so incredibly high. A family who has always had financial stability, even they’re starting to feel the pinch now when it comes to food and certain products.”

It’s not surprising so many are currently feeling the pinch. Inflation rates have hit a new 40-year high, and the cost of meat, seafood, produce, cereal, and other goods all surged 9% in the last year. The monthly child tax credit payments many families came to rely on have ended. All these challenges combine to make affording enough groceries impossible for many. As Jill, a client at one of our mobile pantries, shared with us, “For my husband and me, it’s our finances. We’re seniors and retired, and the money just got tight. Being on a fixed income, it’s hard to make choices financially for good food.”

The Mobile Pantry has made it possible for her and her husband to eat well while still affording other necessities, like electricity and medication. “All the food is good. We especially appreciate the meat, the fresh fruit, the dairy – dairy and meat are so expensive right now. What a blessing, what a gift, to be able to come here and get the food we need.”

We’re heading into spring, the season of hope. Let’s work together to bring hope to those struggling, like Jill, to pay their bills and keep food on the table.

Please donate today to ensure March doesn’t go out like a lamb! We won’t be able to reach our 450,000 meals goal without the help of supporters like you.