Utah Food Bank Brand Assets & Guidelines

Welcome to our new asset and brand library.

Our Brand

These branding guidelines will help you determine the best way to use our logo. Please check with us prior to using our logos on any external promotional materials or websites by contacting Heidi Cannella at (801) 887-1278 or [email protected]. Please note, we require approval of our logo usage before you distribute any promotional materials to external audiences. Higher resolution logos available upon request.

Approved Utah Food Bank Logos

Below you will find a variety of Utah Food Bank logos in different orientations and color palettes so that you can use what will best suit your layout and background. Just click on the images to download the logo you need. If you are referring to Utah Food Bank in text, please note that we are to be referred to as “Utah Food Bank” rather than “the Utah Food Bank.”

Incorrect Logo Usage

Please do not change the relationship of our heart icon to the Utah Food Bank text, stretch, distort or embellish our logo in any way. Several examples of common incorrect logo usage can be found below:

Please contact Heidi Cannella at (801) 887-1278 or [email protected] with any questions or to obtain approval to use our logo.

Do not ____ with our logo.

Do not ____ with our logo.

Do not ____ with our logo.

Do not ____ with our logo.

Do not ____ with our logo.

Do not ____ with our logo.

Web Color Palette

Below we have provided the specific color profiles we use in our marketing: