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My name is Emily and I live with my sister, brother and my dad. We live in a trailer right now, but I have lived in apartments, a house, a car, a tent and now the trailer. It’s kind of cramped in the trailer because my sister and I share a bed, but my brother has the bunk bed above ours to himself. My hobbies are art, music and marine biology—I like to daydream about my future a lot. One time we didn’t really get to celebrate my birthday because we couldn’t afford it.

My dad does the best he can to buy food here and there, but it runs out really fast. He refuses to eat until we all have full stomachs, but it’s rare that I eat breakfast. When I don’t eat it, my stomach hurts and I have a hard time focusing, but my trick is to drink lots of water when I’m hungry. I always eat lunch because I get it at school. Plus I get the Kids Cafe meal from the library after school – that snack time is amazing. In the summer it’s hard, but we go to the park for free meals, and they have them at the library too. I try to get my favorite vegetables, broccoli and carrots, at school because I don’t get vegetables at home.


This food has helped me so much—if I didn’t have the free meals from school and the Kids Cafe meals we get at the library, my family would probably starve. If I could say something to the people who give us this food, I’d tell them thank you very much and that I owe you one in the future. Oh, and I’d tell them bless their souls. 



Do you need help accessing meals for your kids this summer? We are proud to announce that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has officially declared sponsorship of the Summer Food Service program, which will extend Utah Food Bank’s Kids Cafe program by providing free meals to children 18 years of age and under in both “Open Sites” and “Enrolled Programs.” Over 90,000 meals will be served at 40 sites through the Summer Food Service Program, and depending on the site, consists of either breakfast lunch or dinner. Each category has unique qualifications, and schedules change frequently, so please keep checking back.


For a complete list of Utah Food Bank-sponsored sites, please click HERE.

We will be serving meals in the following counties: Carbon, Iron, San Juan, Salt Lake, Utah and Washington.


For a list of all summer meal programs across the state, please click HERE.


You can also text the word “FOOD” to 877-877 for resources near you. This is a free texting service that will prompt you to enter your address or zip code to receive the location and service times of up to three nearby summer meal sites.

For many Utah families, summer means swimming pools, vacations and playing at the park. But for the families we serve, summer means having to provide two additional meals daily, on an already-thin budget. When kids are out of school, they also lose access to school meal programs. They have to spend their summer worrying about where their next meal will come from instead of swimming at the pool. Sadly, donations are also at their lowest during the summer months as families in a position to help are busy with their summer activities.

Our annual Summer Business Food & Fund Drive runs through the end of August and focuses on businesses because just like hunger, they don’t take a summer vacation. We encourage businesses and organizations across the state to host food and/or fund drives at this critical time of need. There are so many creative ways to motivate your coworkers to give, whether it’s an opportunity to wear jeans in exchange for a donation, incentives for employees to participate, or even a bake sale to benefit our work. You’d be surprised to see what a little healthy inter-department competition can do in the name of helping Utah kids facing hunger!

We even offer a Virtual Food Drive, which allows you to create your own donation page where employees can “shop” for the items they wish to donate, while taking advantage of our incredible purchasing power!  If you prefer a traditional food drive, we offer supplies and transportation services (500 lbs. minimum) so your employees can donate at your workplace. Or you could take inspiration from sponsor Les Olson Company who supports us with a combination of the two, and even offers payroll deductions to their employees to make it even easier for them to participate!

If you’re not sure where to get started, take a look at our Food Drive FAQs. If you’re ready to help the 1 in 6 Utah kids facing hunger during this critical time of need, visit our Summer Business Food & Fund Drive webpage to sign up. Thank you for your support!

You CAN change hunger with your spare change when you sign up for Cointributor, which revolutionizes charitable giving by rounding up the spare change from your everyday purchases and automatically donating it to Utah Food Bank! Because we can stretch each $1 donated into $7.48 worth of goods and services, just think of how the spare change from your daily stop for coffee (or soda) could impact the 1 in 6 Utah kids facing hunger!

Do the math: .45 spare change from your daily latte x 5 days a week = $2.25 donation weekly. When you look at this over a month’s time, just this daily small donation could feed a family of four for three days – that might just be enough to help them ensure their kids aren’t going to bed hungry during the last few days before their next paycheck.


Signing up is easy, and it just takes a few minutes (in fact it’s similar to signing up for Venmo) and you can link either a checking account or credit card. You can sign up online, or download our free app where you can track your donations so you can really see how your small change is helping Utah families. You can even set monthly minimum and maximum contributions, and your information is completely secure. FIND OUT MORE…



Step up to the tee to fill a plate at our annual Driving Out Hunger golf tournament. This year’s event will be held on Monday, June 4, starting at 8:00 am at Hidden Valley Country Club in Sandy. This fun, scramble-format tournament directly supports our programs, operations and outreach. There are plenty of ways to participate–as a four-player team ($1,000), a two-person team ($500) or you can even opt for a “mulligan” by donating without participating.

Team registrations include a continental breakfast at check-in, which starts at 7:00 am, and lunch at the awards ceremony immediately following the tournament. When you register as a four-person team you’ll also get to have a hole marked with your company’s logo on it. Thanks to our presenting sponsor, Sysco Intermountain, for their support of the event. There is only room for 45 foursomes at this event, and we are more than halfway to being sold out, so get your foursome together today and start practicing your swings! REGISTER…

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