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Your gift this Hunger Action Month will make an even more significant impact in the lives of Utahns experiencing food insecurity. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous friend, all donations right now will be matched up to $10,000! Since every $1 you give creates $8.03 worth of goods and services, imagine the impact you can make when you give a gift that is doubled today! That means your donation right now of just $20 could help provide 166 meals for our neighbors facing hunger!

Please help us support families struggling with hunger with a gift that will be DOUBLED today.

511,000 Utahns don’t know where their next meal is coming from. 1 in 5 children might go to bed hungry tonight. These statistics illustrate the magnitude of the hunger, but with supporters like you, we can fill more tummies and continue fighting hunger statewide. We can provide twice as many meals for kids at our Mobile School Pantries with your doubled gift. Twice as many meals delivered to homebound seniors and disabled clients. Your actions can make a difference in the fight against hunger.

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It’s September, which brings the return of Hunger Action Month, where we team up with Feeding America and food banks across the country to talk about ways we can all work together to take action against hunger! It’s a great time to remember that our choices matter and we can all choose to play a part in Fighting Hunger Statewide.

511,000 Utahns are food insecure. That means they can’t always afford enough food for themselves and their family. It means that parents must figure out how to feed their kids and pay for childcare. It means that seniors struggle to afford medication and meals on a fixed income. For many of our neighbors, a daily meal isn’t a choice between different dishes. It’s a choice between food and other crucial needs — like medicine, electricity, or childcare. Food shouldn’t be an impossible choice.

Join us for Hunger Action Month by sharing how you will help fight hunger. Nobody should be forced to choose between food and electricity. Take the pledge to make food a certainty, not a choice. If we work together, we have the power to set things right. Let’s build a community of committed individuals to fight hunger in every community across Utah.

Will you join us? There are plenty of ways you can get involved! Here are just a few:

  1. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Like, comment and share posts
  3. Create a Facebook fundraiser
  4. Volunteer at our warehouse
  5. Host a virtual food drive
  6. Ask your employer about donation matching
  7. Start a DIY fundraiser with your family, friends, or business

We can all choose to be a part of solving hunger, and we’ll be more effective if we work together.

As schools begin to open their doors, kids across Utah are gearing up for another year of learning. Unfortunately, 1 in 5 of those children are not getting the nourishment their bodies need, and the impact of hunger on growth and development is startling. Food insecurity puts children at a serious disadvantage. It doesn’t just impact a child’s tummy- hunger hurts physically, mentally and emotionally.
Children facing hunger are more likely to be hospitalized and face higher risks of health conditions like anemia and asthma. And as they grow up, kids who missed meals are more likely to have problems in school and out. They are more likely to have to repeat a grade in elementary school, experience developmental impairments, and have more social and behavioral problems.
Utah Food Bank is committed to partnering with schools and after-school education sites across Utah to fight hunger.  The school year allows for several different avenues for combating childhood hunger.
Our Kids Cafe program provides after-school meals in partnership with educational after-school sites at local elementary schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, and community centers. Last year alone, this program provided 484,234 meals to children at risk of hunger. Kids Cafe meals provide the kind of nutrition that grows healthy, resilient bodies and minds. It helps fill the nutrition gap that often exists during out-of-school hours for many children who rely on free or reduced-price meal programs during the school day. The objectives of the program are twofold: first, to ensure that the children most vulnerable to hunger receive an evening meal, and second, to provide balanced nutrition in each meal served.
Mobile School Pantries provide a monthly food distribution point on school playgrounds for students and their families and are completely free to the schools and their families in need. Last year, through distribution at 85 school sites, we reached 336,414 individuals. The Mobile School Pantry program approaches childhood hunger with the understanding that children are only truly protected from the pain and anxiety of hunger when their whole family has enough food to stay healthy. Teachers and school administrators report that this holistic approach creates better educational environments and a stronger sense of community among the student body and their families.
This year we will have fewer mobile school pantries, as schools whose student body needs more assistance than a monthly food distribution switch to in-school pantries. Last year we had 41 full-time pantries in schools, distributing 730,586 pounds of food to 82,380 children and their families.
We are excited for another school year to partner with schools and after-school partners across the state in ensuring that children have the nutrition they need to help them reach their full potential. However, given the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, we are cautiously optimistic that schools, and therefore our school programs, will be able to remain a consistent resource for children facing hunger. We pivoted when schools closed at the beginning of the pandemic, and even pivoted through this past summer, and are fully prepared to do so again to ensure that Utah’s children are fed. You can help by donating now!

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Summer is a challenging time for many. The need for assistance is particularly high for families with school-aged kids who rely on school meals to help feed their families during the school year. At the same time, donation levels are low, with the holiday season and holiday spirit of giving months away. But you don’t have to wait for the holidays to rally your business around a cause and help our neighbors in need. Today is the perfect day to get involved because hunger doesn’t take a break, and neither does your business.

The Summer Business Food & Fund Drive is a great opportunity to join us in Fighting Hunger Statewide while uniting your business and generating some great team spirit. Our sponsor, Les Olson Company, has been doing just that for the past 20 years. Scot Olson, their Director of Marketing, shared with us what it means to them to continue to support our mission year after year, “Through donating Time, Money, and Food, we have been able to provide enough for over a million meals. We are so excited about this because we know it helps our community and those who need a hand up during a moment of need.  We would recommend the Utah Food Bank to anyone who wants to help because they are great at what they do and make a big difference in our community.”

August has just begun, and there’s only one month left in our Summer Business Food & Fund Drive. If you’ve thought about having your business or organization join this year, but feel like maybe it’s too late…it’s not! With our virtual food drive option, it’s easy to get started today!

Big thanks to ALL the businesses and organizations of every size participating in this year’s drive. Whether in office or virtual, we appreciate your generosity in helping our neighbors facing food insecurity.

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Life is unpredictable. There are a million things that can – and do – go wrong. When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, like 63% of Americans do, there is no safety net. Any small bump in the road can be the catalyst for a major disaster. The smallest crisis can easily become the thing that brings it all down, like a house of cards.

Let’s say your budget only allows for you to put $5 of gas in your tank each pay period, which is just enough for you to make it to work and back…and then the price of gas increases. You still have to get to work, so you have to find somewhere else to get that money.

Or maybe you lost your job because of the pandemic, and your savings are gone. You get a job interview, but when you show up, the only parking available requires payment. You spent your last $2.36 on gas and can’t afford to pay for parking, so you cross your fingers and hope for the best. Then your car gets towed. You certainly can’t afford to pay the fee to get it back. Even a high-cost payday loan isn’t an option because you don’t have a job.

These scenarios aren’t unusual or unlikely. Poverty comes with a steep premium – in stress, time, and money – every day.

With soaring temperatures, people stuck at home because they are unemployed or working remotely will depend on their air conditioners more than ever. But individuals living near the poverty line spend an average of 9% of their budget on energy bills – triple that of middle- and upper-income households. Rent prices across Utah have continued to rise nearly every single year over the past decade. A stunning 1 in 5 Utah renters are considered “severely cost-burdened,” meaning they pay more than 50% of their income on rent.

And that’s before you look at the cost of transportation. To buy groceries, commute to work, go to school, visit the doctor’s office, or pick up any medication you or your family might need, you need a way to get there. But if you make minimum wage, owning a car can take more than half of your annual income once you pay for gas, insurance, tires, registration, and maintenance.

If housing and utilities can take 60% of your paycheck and owning a car can take another 50%, the numbers simply don’t add up. Far too many of our neighbors are living in the red. And that’s before you look at necessities like food, which has jumped in price by nearly a third over the past year.

It’s nearly impossible to address all the costs associated with poverty, certainly not in one blog post. The challenges are many, and there is no one solution, but when you give to Utah Food Bank, you join the fight against hunger statewide and help lessen the burden for our food-insecure neighbors.

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