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When legendary rock band Metallica visited Salt Lake City as part of their North American tour, they left a little something behind for Utahns facing hunger – $10,000 (or approximately 37,000 meals)! But we weren’t the only ones to benefit – by the end of this tour, they will have stopped in 33 cities and donated to food banks in each city! Through our membership with Feeding America, we were the beneficiary of their Utah stop, and we even were able to meet the band! We joined them for a check presentation just before their November 30th show, then were invited to stay and watch their ROCKING performance.  Not only do these guys support the issue of hunger, but they are also advocates of the importance of volunteer service and gave us 2 additional tickets to invite one of our most outstanding volunteers in addition to supplying him with a copy of every Metallica studio album!


Through their All Within My Hands Foundation, Metallica aims to assist and enrich the lives of members of the communities who have supported the band for years, also encouraging participation from fans and friends. It seems they have plenty of fans locally because their November 30th show was sold out, with 17,574 fans attending, setting a post-renovation single-concert attendance record at Vivint Smart Home Arena. This great group of guys also donated a significant amount of money to support the areas affected by the recent wildfires in northern California.


If you’re wondering, they were nice, gracious and very engaged with our work, and we had a great conversation about just how much impact they will have on the 382,000 Utahns facing hunger. All in all, it was a rocking evening (to say the least)!

Metallica Donates $10,000!

One of the most innovative ways of giving back during the holidays has just opened to the public!  The annual “Light the World” holiday initiative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has begun, and we are proud to be a partner once again! Throughout the holiday season, if you are downtown enjoying lights at Temple Square (or any other fun activity), you can visit the “Giving Machines” in the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for your chance to #LightTheWorld.


Each Giving Machine will offer much needed items for purchase from a variety of local and global charity partners, including us! Whether you want to provide some comforting Mac & Cheese or feed a family of four for a month, you can do so directly at these vending machines! You simply use it like you would a regular vending machine (and can pay with cash or credit card), but instead of getting a treat, you are giving back to someone in need! Last year, we received enough donations from these Giving Machines to provide the equivalent of over 282,000 meals and are eager to be a part of the campaign again!


Of course, you can “purchase” other items such as a goat or a chicken to provide relief internationally, eye exams for local children, or even soccer balls for a refugee camp, but regardless of which organization you choose to support, you will be Lighting the World for someone who appreciates it immensely. These machines are open to the public throughout the month of December, so regardless of your faith, please consider supporting this incredible effort because 100% of your donations will directly benefit the charitable organization you choose to support!  Find out more about this campaign and these Giving Machines HERE.

Light The World

Today is Giving Tuesday, and an anonymous friend of ours will match your gift, up to $10,000! With our ability to stretch each $1 into $7.48 worth of goods & services, just imagine what we could do with just a $10 gift while we have a donation match available! With 1 in 7 Utah children unsure where their next meal will come from, supporting us on Giving Tuesday could go a long way to ease the burden of hunger on these children.


Following several days of plenty such as Thanksgiving, Black Tuesday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday kicks off the giving season by inspiring people to give back across the globe. This global day of giving harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and celebrate generosity.


Because of the incredible social power of this day of giving, we are hosting our Giving Tuesday efforts on the Mighty Cause platform, which allows you to spearhead your own fundraising efforts with enhanced social fundraising tools to help spread the word even further!

Please consider supporting us, or any of the other non-profit organizations who improve lives and communities this Giving Tuesday!



Giving Tuesday Match

Seeing all the ways that the community gives back during the holiday season always brightens our souls! It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing our ubiquitous food drive barrels, or someone accepting donations on our behalf, and we are so grateful to be the recipients of the holly in your hearts! The 382,000 Utahns who face hunger are even more grateful for your generosity! We get a LOT of questions this time of year about hosting food drives, so thought we’d provide some information, tips and best practices!


Why are food drives important? You may or may not know that food drives make up 5% of the food we collect annually. While that may not sound like a lot, it’s a very important 5% because it provides a variety of food that we can’t match with purchased foods or through commercial donations. When people donate to food drives, they often are donating the same food their family eats, and you can bet that another family would appreciate it just as much. We get our best prices when we purchase large quantities of the same food, and that may not always match some of our clients dietary restrictions, so having a variety of food helps to eliminate food waste as well!


What are your most needed items? We always request nutritious items that are low in sugar or sodium. High-protein staples such as canned meats or tuna are great items to fill tummies, and boxed meals and pasta are always a favorite of our clients. Canned fruits and vegetables help to round out a balanced diet too!


Can I donate turkeys or hams? This may surprise you, but we actually prefer to receive non-perishable items in larger quantities than a perishable item that has to be consumed quickly after it’s prepared. In addition, many of our clients may not have the equipment or capability to prepare such a meal, not to mention the ability to eat it before it goes bad. While we do agree that everyone deserves a holiday meal, we feel that it’s more important to give clients food that can stretch for many meals over a designated special meal. People facing food insecurity are not only concerned about where their next meal will come from, but the ones after that, and after that, and so forth.


How do I host a food drive? You can easily host a traditional food drive or virtual food drive, and we have all the tools you need to succeed! You can sign up to host a food drive here, and if your goal exceeds 500 pounds of food, we can even provide transportation! To put that in perspective, that’s about half a truck bed full of food. Of course, we appreciate food drives of all sizes, so if that seems difficult to achieve, you can pick up the supplies at either our Salt Lake or St. George warehouses, and return them with the food when you are done.


How do I make my food drive a success? The biggest factor for success is considering the audience you are trying to reach, and how to motivate them to support your efforts. What works for some groups doesn’t work for others, and one size does not fit all. A little healthy competition is an incredible motivator, so consider challenging a partner (or competitor) to collect more food. Communication is also key – whether it’s internal communication or even social media, people need to know about your effort.  Feel free to tag us on social media as we love to engage with our supporters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


I heard you can stretch $1 into $7.48 worth of goods and services…should I just donate money? This also depends on your audience. While it is true that monetary donations go the furthest, we still need food drive items so we can offer variety. If you want to add a financial donation as part of your food drive efforts, consider hosting a Virtual Food Drive as well, or in place of a traditional food drive. You’ll get a designated link you can send to people, and they can select the items they want us to purchase while capitalizing on our purchasing power! It’s like grocery shopping without leaving your house!


Want to know more? Be sure to visit our Holiday webpage for more ideas on how you can help us fight hunger statewide this holiday season!


Thank you for supporting our Holiday Food & Fund Drive!

Want to double-down on your donation this holiday season? For a limited time, thanks to our partnerships with Feeding America and Bank of America, each $1 you donate will be matched by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation with $2 through their Give a Meal program. That means that if you donate $25, we receive $75!  To participate in this, you’ll have to follow these instructions – donations made through our regular donation form are not eligible.


Step 1: Click HERE for the donation form.

Step 2: Choose your donation amount  and enter your zip code. If it’s in Utah, your donation will be directed to us!

Step 3: Complete the rest of the donation process.


Note: They will only match up to $1,000 per individual donor. Personal donations only – no corporate credit cards. You DO NOT have to be a Bank of America customer to participate!

Questions? Contact Heidi Cannella at or (801) 887-1278.

Thank you for your support!

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