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When the groundhog saw his shadow this year, he wasn’t messing around!  Bitter winter weather is gripping the country, even in places that don’t typically experience it. For Utahns, this means salting porches, driving more carefully, and bundling up a little more, but our lives typically don’t stop when it snows. However, while the groundhog seeing his shadow is a fun way to talk about winter weather, what’s less fun is the cold reality that freezing temperatures create for Utahns who are already struggling to pay their bills and keep food on the table.

Unfortunately, heat or eat is an impossible question many of our neighbors facing food insecurity must ask themselves. How do you choose between ensuring your children stay warm and making sure their bellies are full? When you give to Utah Food Bank, you help make it possible for our neighbors in need to keep food on the table while putting their limited resources towards other essentials, like heat.


Brittany, a Mobile Pantry client, shared with us how Utah Food Bank has made it possible for her family to stay warm and well-fed.

“The things that make life a little more comfortable are things we’ve been able to do thanks to the help we receive from the Mobile Pantry. Now we can do things like let the kids eat as much as they want. Having insufficient food is miserable, and the kids worry about it. The little luxuries are only made possible thanks to the Mobile Pantry, like turning on the heat! I didn’t think about the fact that we don’t turn on the heat … we just put on another sweater. The other day, I had my coat on in the house, but I could not get warm. I went and checked the thermostat, and it was 42 degrees inside the house! So I finally decided to turn the heat on. Thankfully we could afford to because of the food we get from the Mobile Pantry. It sure was nice to turn it on!”

Winter may be here to stay for a while longer, but with your support, it is a little less bleak.


Recipient Family
Learn more about Brittany and her family here.


February is a month to share your heart and your love with others. Why not consider sharing your heart with the tens of thousands of Utahns still struggling to get back on their feet after a tough year by signing up to become a sustaining donor?

When you join the Meal Makers Monthly Giving Club, your donation will be automatically deducted every month and go where it’s needed most in the fight against hunger. It’s the most efficient way to help all year long! 

Joining our Meal Makers Monthly Giving Club ensures a predictable source of income we can count on – so that our statewide network of partner agencies and food pantries keep their shelves stocked. Plus, monthly giving is the easiest and most cost-effective way to give to Utah Food Bank, allowing us to put even more of your contribution to work. We can turn each dollar you donate into $8.03 worth of goods and services. And if your circumstances change, you can increase or lower the amount you give at any time.

In 2019, the number of Utahns facing food insecurity was 374,000, including 1 in 7 children. In 2020 those already high numbers skyrocketed to 511,000 Utahns and 1 in 5 children. The pandemic has devastated so many of our neighbors. Some who were living paycheck to paycheck now find themselves out of work. Many who never needed outside help before now find themselves needing our support for the first time. So this year, resolve to make a difference in the lives of your neighbors. Resolve to put food in the hungry tummies of children, relieve some of the burden for struggling families, and give comfort to homebound seniors and disabled clients. Then let us help you keep that resolution all year.

Join the Meal Makers Monthly Giving Club today!

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Our Holiday Food & Fund Drive officially ends today, and we want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the outpouring of support we received! The holiday season is a hectic time – there’s a flurry of things to do and a lot of things tugging for your attention. So thank you for making Fighting Hunger Statewide a part of your holiday to-do list!

Your generous gifts of food, time, and money helped stock the shelves of Utah Food Bank and emergency food pantries statewide through the holidays and into the spring months.  While many will continue to struggle to make ends meet for a long time to come, the pantries and stomachs of families across Utah are fuller because of your generosity. We could not have done it without our sponsors, so an extra special thanks goes to 107.3/94.9 New Country 12 in a Row, Chevron Refinery, Harmons, Riverton Chevrolet, and Wells Fargo.



As president and CEO of Utah Food Bank, I have been in a unique position to see both the challenges of the past year and the countless individuals, organizations, companies, and community leaders who have banded together to help us meet those obstacles. Thanks to all of your support, we continue Fighting Hunger Statewide despite an overwhelming increase in need and the unexpected hurdles thrown our way by this pandemic.

The outpouring of support from the community has been incredible, and it means that we can continue to help the thousands of Utahns facing hunger who will struggle to get back on their feet for what we figure is a long time to come. The number of people who have stepped up to join us in meeting this crisis has been awe-inspiring and heartwarming, and it has brought tears to my eyes on several occasions.

2020 brought with it a pandemic that caused hunger on a scale we’ve never seen before at Utah Food Bank. Hardworking parents lost their jobs, and soon after, food budgets disappeared.  Many of our neighbors had to seek assistance for the first time. The number of Utahns facing food insecurity skyrocketed to 511,000. The number of children unsure where their next meal would come from went from 1 in 7 to 1 in 5.

Along with the need for increased distribution came increased safety protocol at our warehouses to protect our staff and clients. That meant that for many months we had no warehouse volunteers.  It meant asking most of our office staff to work from home. The logistics of doing more with less was a daily obstacle for our employees – especially our drivers and warehouse employees. Through this past year, I have witnessed an incredible display of dedication, loyalty, and commitment to our cause from Utah Food Bank staff. They have managed to keep up with demand despite these obstacles and while maintaining a positive attitude.

Hopefully, 2021 brings with it brighter days, but no matter what the future holds, 2020 has shown me that come what may, Utahns will be here for their neighbors, and we will be here for any Utahn struggling to feed themselves or their families. From all of us at Utah Food Bank, thank you! We couldn’t do what we do without you!


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You can help us end this year with a BANG by participating in our end of year donation match, your last chance of the year to DOUBLE your impact! Each online donation made between December 28-31 will be doubled up to $100,000, thanks to a matching grant made possible by the Dan and Kim Huish Family Foundation.


Your gift will help feed twice as many of our neighbors in need.


With your doubled gift, we can provide twice as many meals for kids at our pantries located inside schools along with our Mobile School Pantry. Twice as many meals delivered to homebound seniors and disabled clients. Twice as many holiday meals for families in our communities who are facing their toughest holiday season yet. 511,000 Utahns don’t always know where their next meal is coming from. 1 in 5 children might go to bed hungry tonight. These statistics illustrate the magnitude of the hunger, but with supporters like you, we can fill more tummies and continue fighting hunger statewide.


Remember, if you are looking for a 2020 tax deduction, you must donate before midnight on December 31. You can make a credit card donation until midnight on December 31 while if you’re mailing in a contribution, make sure it has a 2020 postage date. If you prefer to drop off a contribution at our Salt Lake or St. George warehouses, please remember that we close at 5:00pm on December 31.


A donation match is a great way to maximize your gift to Utah Food Bank! Below are some other tips to help you make the most of your charitable contribution. Giving before the end of the year can benefit your community AND you!


  • Utilize the CARES Act. In addition to stimulus checks and other financial assistance, did you know that the CARES Act provides extra benefits to donors this year? Taxpayers can take a deduction for up to $300 (or $600 for a married couple filing jointly) in charitable contributions, and the benefits are even greater if you itemize.
  • Give stock. Do you have highly appreciated stock? You may be able to donate it and receive a charitable deduction for the current value AND avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation. Stocks and other appreciated assets like IRAs can take some time to transfer, so please contact us today!
  • Be tax-smart with your IRA. If you are 70½ or older, you can direct all or part of the IRS’ required annual minimum distribution (up to $100,000) from a traditional IRA to a nonprofit. You’ll reduce your taxable income while simultaneously benefitting our community.


2021 will be here before you know it. Please donate today!




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