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Registration is officially OPEN for our 17th annual Utah Human Race on Thanksgiving morning in Sandy! This family-friendly 5K/10K attracts close to 5,000 participants (many in costume) to come together to Run With an Attitude of Gratitude and help us fight hunger at the same time! The race will be held near The Shops at South Town in Sandy once again, and the start time for everyone is 8 am. The cost is $30/person for 5k and $35/person for 10k, but you can save $5/person when you register by 10/31! This is one of the state’s largest 5K/10K events, and every registration fee and sponsorship dollar benefits Utah Food Bank’s mission of Fighting Hunger Statewide.

Races will not be timed this year, but you will be asked to choose a general pace time group on the morning of the race, which will begin at 8 am for both 5K and 10K participants. If you are running with a group or team, please be sure to all choose the same pace time if you want to remain together. Online registration closes on November 22 at 5 pm, and there is no same-day registration. However, registration will be available in person during packet pick-up at Utah Food Bank.  When you register, you will have the ability to spearhead your own fundraising efforts within your social group, which will only increase this race’s impact on our neighbors in need.

So many families have made this a tradition, and we love seeing you every year! Special thank you to Presenting Sponsor Cameron Construction and Gold Sponsors, Discover and University of Utah Health. See you on race day!


WHAT: 17th Annual Utah Human Race

WHEN: 8:00 am Thanksgiving Morning – November 24

WHERE: Sandy Promenade at 10200 S. Centennial Parkway

WHY: Help provide meals for Utahns experiencing hunger while you Run with an Attitude of Gratitude

WHO: Everyone! This is a family-friendly race, open to all ages and abilities

HOW MUCH: $30 for the 5K race and $35 for the 10K race, with an automatic discount of $5/person until November 1




As part of Feeding America’s nationwide network of partners, we look forward to September every year. We welcome all things pumpkin, school beginning again, and, most importantly, Hunger Action Month! It’s a month designed to encourage us all to take action on the issue of hunger.  This annual month-long campaign brings attention to the reality of food insecurity in the United States and promotes ways for individuals to get involved in the movement to help end hunger.  ​
Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous friend of Utah Food Bank, we are thrilled to kick off Hunger Action month this year with a $50,000 donation match! So whether you’re a long-time supporter of Utah Food Bank or just joining us, now is the perfect time to take action in the fight against hunger statewide. Your gift today can help twice as many of our neighbors experiencing hunger. 
Rising food prices and inflation are squeezing our neighbors’ budgets. 410,000 Utahns don’t always have enough food to eat, and with prices continuing to skyrocket, that struggle is creating more and more impossible choices. It means that parents must figure out how to feed their kids and pay for childcare. It means that seniors struggle to afford medication and meals on a fixed income. It means filling up the gas tank to get to work or filling up hungry tummies.
For mobile pantry clients Grant and Sara, it was rent or groceries. They explained, “We were trying to decide between buying food and paying rent today. Then our neighbor told us about this mobile pantry, and now we can do both, and we don’t have to choose. Thank you so much for taking some weight off our shoulders.”
Food shouldn’t be an impossible choice, and you can help replace worries with hope and empty stomachs with full ones when you take action against hunger during this incredible matching offer! Help us reach our goal of providing 450,000 meals during Hunger Action Month by donating today. Right now, your donation of just $10 would help put food on the table for a family of four for a week!


“I came home from the grocery store the other day, and my mom said, That’s a hundred dollars worth of food?! I said, ‘It is now.’ And it’s hard.”

Meet Dawn. She visits one of our partner food pantries to help feed her family after a series of difficulties left her family struggling to make ends meet. When the pandemic hit, they were new to Utah, and she got laid off from work, and then everyone in her home came down with Covid.
“I was in the hospital for two months with Covid, and then I got it again twice. That’s what started it. You know, you use all your savings, you use everything you have, and then you realize you’re kind of broke, and you go to the grocery store, and $100 gets you like five things. Everything snowballs, and it’s hard to get back on your feet.”
Despite getting up at 2:30 in the morning for her job at the airport, Dawn was all smiles as she expressed how grateful she is for organizations like Utah Food Bank and her local food pantry, as well as all the fantastic people who support the resources that help her feed her family. “Utah is such a wonderful state. Everybody is so nice here; it’s actually really amazing. A lot of people might be ashamed, but it’s not embarrassing to need help. We all need help. And this food is so helpful. It really is.”
Those hit hardest by the pandemic are also finding it the most challenging to bounce back. With inflation continuing to rise, more and more people are finding their budgets stretched beyond the breaking point as their paychecks stay the same, but what they can afford continues to shrink. It’s terrifying to realize your ability to feed and care for yourself—and your loved ones—is diminishing despite your best efforts. But there is hope.
When you give to Utah Food Bank, you help our neighbors across the state who, like Dawn, find themselves needing help. Click here to give today.


Summer vacation isn’t over yet. In many school districts, it can last up to 90 days—and for kids and teens who rely on school meals—these last few weeks can feel like forever.

There are hungry children in our community—like Lily, who used to love lunchtime. She’d have a sandwich, an apple, and peanut butter crackers. On Fridays, her mom would give her an extra treat—pretzels. After lunch, she’d feel full, energized, and ready for the rest of her day. But that was before both her parents were laid off from their jobs. Before the months of unemployment that followed, and Lily stopped getting all her favorite healthy foods for lunch each day.

Sadly, Lily isn’t alone. Many people who lost their jobs last year are still working to recover. Now, rising food costs are making it even harder for families to get by—and kids like Lily aren’t getting enough of the fresh and nutritious food they need. Our partner agencies in communities across the state report that lines are getting longer as the number of our neighbors needing assistance increases, with no end in sight. Utahns accustomed to being the ones helping others are finding themselves in need of a helping hand as the rising cost of items like food and gas takes a brutal swipe at budgets.

Utah Food Bank is not alone in feeling the strain. “We are seeing our numbers go up, and we’re seeing them go up across the country. It’s not just here in Utah,” Ginette Bott, Utah Food Bank President & CEO explained. “Many families hit hard by COVID-19 are still struggling in 2022, and now they have to deal with inflation and higher costs as well. It’s almost a double-whammy. They didn’t really have a chance to get back on their feet, and then, all of the sudden, you’re paying $5 for gas, you’re paying 30 to 40 percent more for an item as simple as eggs, and the budget doesn’t go up, but everything else does.”

It’s not a mystery why so many are struggling, but there’s something you can do to help. With your gift today, you can provide healthy food to kids like Lily—and their families. A child doesn’t understand why there’s not always enough food at home. Or why their parents don’t eat dinner with them at night. But they know what hunger feels like.

Utah Food Bank is committed to helping feed kids facing hunger in our communities with filling and nutrient-rich foods. But we can’t do it without you. Please send what you can today to provide healthy food and meals to children facing hunger in our communities. Every $1 you give will provide $8.71 worth of goods and services.



Donations to Utah Food Bank have slowed over the summer—but hunger certainly has not. The cost of food, housing, energy, and seemingly everything else has reached an unmanageable level. It has our neighbors sacrificing one basic need, like
food, over another—and they’re looking for a solution.

What happens if there is no solution? Parents will skip meals. Children will go without all the healthy food they need. As a parent at one of our free summer meals sites explained, “Groceries are really expensive. It’s really hard to buy healthy things; we’re just buying less and trying to find the things that are on sale. If it’s not on sale, we don’t get it. These meals make it a little bit more comfortable, so I don’t stress about it as much. It’s like a buffer. It’s very helpful.”

This is why we are working harder than ever to ensure Utahns facing hunger have access to nutritious food. From our partnerships with food pantries to our direct services like free summer meals for kids, mobile pantries, and food box delivery to homebound people with disabilities and seniors living in poverty, we are striving to fight the growing need caused by spiraling inflation.

These rising prices also impact us, and our mission of Fighting Hunger Statewide is becoming increasingly challenging—but you can be a part of the solution. Will you join us in the fight against hunger? Your gift of food, time, or money is desperately needed in the next 30 days to meet the high demand for food in Utah this summer.

Summer Meals


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