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Light The World This Holiday Season!

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One of the most innovative ways of giving back during the holidays has just opened to the public!  The annual “Light the World” holiday initiative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has begun, and we are proud to be a partner once again! Throughout the holiday season, if you are downtown enjoying lights at Temple Square (or any other fun activity), you can visit the “Giving Machines” in the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for your chance to #LightTheWorld.


Each Giving Machine will offer much needed items for purchase from a variety of local and global charity partners, including us! Whether you want to provide some comforting Mac & Cheese or feed a family of four for a month, you can do so directly at these vending machines! You simply use it like you would a regular vending machine (and can pay with cash or credit card), but instead of getting a treat, you are giving back to someone in need! Last year, we received enough donations from these Giving Machines to provide the equivalent of over 282,000 meals and are eager to be a part of the campaign again!


Of course, you can “purchase” other items such as a goat or a chicken to provide relief internationally, eye exams for local children, or even soccer balls for a refugee camp, but regardless of which organization you choose to support, you will be Lighting the World for someone who appreciates it immensely. These machines are open to the public throughout the month of December, so regardless of your faith, please consider supporting this incredible effort because 100% of your donations will directly benefit the charitable organization you choose to support!  Find out more about this campaign and these Giving Machines HERE.

Light The World