Child Holding Apple

Client Corner: AN APPLE?!

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Utah Food Bank employees often see and hear heartbreaking stories. While these unforgettable stories are difficult to hear, they serve as a constant reminder of the importance of the work we do. This is especially true for those staff members who spend a lot of time at our partner agency locations. Audra Roberts, our Grocery Rescue Coordinator, shares one. Recently, she saw a little girl come running to her mother with an apple in her hands. She excitedly said “Look what I got, mommy! These are my favorite, and I haven’t had one in months!” Audra can’t count the number of times a mother, father or grandparent has come to her, just wanting to shake her hand or give her a hug to thank her for the help we provide. Countless times, she has been thanked by a parent who explains through tears how grateful they are to have been able to get that much-needed birthday cake for their child-an item they simply could not have afforded. Stories like these make us incredibly grateful for our donors, too. Your support gives us the opportunity to ease the struggle of our neighbors in need.