Below are all the forms required to run the Utah CSFP at your location. Please note that certain documents must be displayed at all distribution sites in a location easily visible for participants. These documents are also part of your annual Management Evaluation by Utah Food Bank. Please visit our website frequently to ensure you have the most recent documents. If you have any questions, including outreach questions, please contact Denise Neilson at (801) 887-1224 or [email protected]. If you have questions regarding distribution, please contact Emily Roncancio at (801) 887-1280 or [email protected].

No-Show Policy: Must be displayed on-site. This policy outlines the process required when participants don’t show up to receive their monthly food package.

Appeal Procedures: Must be displayed on-site. This document illustrates the process-based regulation that is required for participants to appeal decisions regarding the Utah CSFP.

Justice for All Poster: Must be displayed on-site. This poster is distributed by the U.S.D.A. and lists the civil rights for Utah CSFP participants.

CSFP Impact Report: See CSFP’s impact in 2021 across the state of Utah.

Utah CSFP Outside the Box Cookbook (English): A collection of recipes to use with your supplemental food box

Utah CSFP Outside the Box Cookbook (Spanish)

CSFP Informational Video: Learn more about how the program works and what clients receive.

CSFP Distribution Site Explainer Video: Quick overview of the responsibilities of a CSFP distribution site

Distribution Site Training Manual: Please review this reference guide and training manual regularly. Forthcoming updates will be posted here.

CSFP Makes a Difference Video: Find out how this program benefits Utah seniors, directly from volunteers who administer it.

What’s in the Box: A look inside the CSFP box. Please note items may vary.


Application & Proxy Forms

Anyone wishing to participate in the Utah CSFP must complete an application and be certified by Utah Food Bank prior to receiving a food package. Please ensure that you are using the most updated forms for all correspondence. Completed forms can be sent to Denise Neilson at [email protected].

Apply Now (English)

Apply Now (Spanish)

Apply Now (Bosnian)

Apply Now (Russian)

Senior Housing Proxy Form: This form is intended for housing facilities that have one designated proxy for all participating clients, such as a coordinator. Only one form per housing facility is required and is sufficient for all recipients in the complex.

Additional Proxy Form: Any participant interested in adding a single proxy to their account must complete this form, which requires the participant’s signature as well as the proxy’s signature.

Civil Rights Training

To complete your annual Civil Rights Training, please click HERE.