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Change Hunger With Your Spare Change!

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You CAN change hunger with your spare change when you sign up for Cointributor, which revolutionizes charitable giving by rounding up the spare change from your everyday purchases and automatically donating it to Utah Food Bank! Because we can stretch each $1 donated into $7.48 worth of goods and services, just think of how the spare change from your daily stop for coffee (or soda) could impact the 1 in 6 Utah kids facing hunger!

Do the math: .45 spare change from your daily latte x 5 days a week = $2.25 donation weekly. When you look at this over a month’s time, just this daily small donation could feed a family of four for three days – that might just be enough to help them ensure their kids aren’t going to bed hungry during the last few days before their next paycheck.


Signing up is easy, and it just takes a few minutes (in fact it’s similar to signing up for Venmo) and you can link either a checking account or credit card. You can sign up online, or download our free app where you can track your donations so you can really see how your small change is helping Utah families. You can even set monthly minimum and maximum contributions, and your information is completely secure. FIND OUT MORE…